Peace researchers join because IPRA is the largest and most established global professional organisation in the field of peace research, a field that is addressed from a wide range of interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

The IPRA Statute in its Article 6 states that: “IPRA shall be composed of three classes of members: individual scholars, scientific institutions and scientific associations, able to accept membership of the Association. IPRA may also have contribution members. Applications will be considered by the Executive Committee.”

Based on this article, individual scholars, scientific institutions and scientific associations can become members of IPRA. IPRA is open to peace researchers, scientific institutions and scientific associations with membership fee.

Membership in IPRA offers online and offline opportunities for building strong collaborative and supportive networks among those who are making contributions to the ever growing field of peace research around the world.

IPRA members promote and defend the interests of the professional community of peace researchers all over the world in terms of freedom of academic thought and expression, and career development.

IPRA hosts conferences and collaborates with the UN Economic and Social Council and UNESCO and others in the promotion of peace research all over the world

IPRA cooperates in the publication of the International Journal of Peace Studies, Journal of Peace Education and books with top publishers

IPRA holds an international conference every two years; it has held 25 conferences in different parts of the world since its foundation in 1964 with the 25th one  held in Istanbul Turkey in August 2014, The last three IPRA conferences were held in Japan, Australia and Belgium in 2008, 2010 and 2012, respectively. The next IPRA Conference(the 26th) will be held in Freetown, Sierra Leone between November 28 and December 1 2016.


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