Anti-corruption Education and Peacebuilding

Anti-corruption Education and Peacebuilding - The Ubupfura Project in Rwanda.: 

By Jean de Dieu Basabose: Cham, Springer Nature Switzerland, 2019.

This study explores corruption in Rwanda and highlights the necessity of developing anti-corruption education as a way of combating corruption. It argues that an effective campaign against corruption should consider promoting anti-corruption education with the aim of enabling present and future generations to maintain and live out the Ubupfura (meaning "trust/respect") ethical values. Considering the link between anti-corruption and peacebuilding efforts, as explained in this study, it is underlined that continuous efforts to raise such generations could undoubtedly move Rwandan society toward a sustainable peace. Peacebuilders, anti-corruption agents, and public policymakers are the primary beneficiaries of the study.

  • Explores how corruption has increasingly become a challenging issue that undermines peacebuilding processes
  • Demonstrates the involvement of children not only as beneficiaries of an anti-corruption education but as an anti-corruption agent, which is an innovation on the African continent

Offers a timely and attractive read in light of the relevance of the anti-corruption education on the African continent and the use of cultural resources.