Youth, Sport & Peace Commission (YSP)

(Motto, “Better together through Sport and Peace”)

The Youth, Sports and Peace Commission came into force after two Commissions, ‘Youth and Peace Commission’ and ‘Sports Commission’ were merged into one commission during the 27th IPRA General Conference in Ahmedabad, India in 2018.

YSP Commission” brings to fore the special concerns of children and young people with a focus on the role of sports and sporting values, and how these can play a curial role in building better peaceful communities.

The SDGs and Agenda 2030 describe sports as an important enabler of sustainable development and peace. However, in view of today’s intense youth sports environment, the frequency of unfair play, athlete burnout, violence inside and outside sport and disregard of sporting values is becoming a concern. 

The Commission thus,

Anticipates receiving papers from scholars involved in promoting peace, sports movement and Universal values education or life skills through sport / physical and recreational activities involving the youth and children.

Welcomes theoretical research as well as evaluative and/or empirical papers in this field, particularly case studies on youth and sport for peace projects/ programmes, on sport and values, sport and gender equality, safeguarding in sport and recreation; sport and social issues such as unemployment, bullying, abuse, discrimination in sport; sport and health, substance abuse, gangs and sexual violence in and outside sport.

The topic on safeguarding in sport - the process of protecting children and adults from harm by providing safe spaces for sport and recreation - has been of particular international interest. The Commission is looking forward to research and case studies on good practices in this regard.

Discussions in this Commission will focus on

*    Engaging the community in supporting and promoting sport and recreational opportunities for youth and peace

*    Providing and promoting safe and sufficient facilities for all youth sports participants;

*    Methods to improve and provide better safety standards and promoting a healthy youth sports environment;

*    Developing values education through sport, promoting public awareness concerning the needs of youth sports, recreational programs and to enhance economic development.

In receiving and approving papers for presentation, the commission aspires to maintain gender and regional balance.

The Commission also hopes to help invigorate IPRA by organizing youth-focused activities like cultural activities, regional solidarity events, and forums/ exchanges of ideas and experiences on critical issues affecting the young. It is crucial that parents, teachers, coaches and athletes themselves be involved in certain practices to decrease the likelihood of violence and unfairness and increase the use of sporting values and to work jointly to safeguard our youth in the sporting context.  It is everyone’s responsibility.

Commission Conveners:

*    Marion Keim, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

*    Manish Sharma, Panjab University, India