Peace Theories & History Commission (PTH)

The past two decades have been marked by a period of a substantial change in the contents and relevance of many disciplines. Theory and History both are integrated and no academic discourse can be considered in the absence of either. Peace Theory & History Commission is relentlessly working towards creating an environment that encourages academicians to reach their potential by achieving academic excellence, embracing new information and learning social responsibility.

The Commission provides the platform for a learning community where members and academician across the globe deliver lectures, have brainstorming sessions on sensitizing the people , teach, learn and practice; freedom, respect, honesty, caring, responsibility and meet the needs of humanity in contemporary context of increasing international interdependence and global change. 

Proper understanding of the past history of peace is essential and the utility of Peace History Commission has become pre-requisite for the survival of international Peace.

The objective of PTH Commission is to improve reasoning, observation and experimentation skill with the aim of stimulating and disseminating the latest research and happenings in the field of peace both at national and international arena.

The areas of work and discussions chosen are thought-provoking and oriented towards reasoning, analysis and proper application. Recent developments have established a new basis for understanding the changing nature of polity and community. The ongoing debates in contemporary politics have been dominated by the relationship between global, national and identity and politics.

The purpose of change in the commission is to provide a comprehensive view of peace, society, politics and emphasis upon the following main areas to make the subject more relevant:-

  • To link peace from theory to contemporary issues
  • To link old issues to topical and practical concern
  • To develop a new analysis of various areas of concerns
  • To demonstrate how market forces accept these issues
  • To demonstrate how new models (contents) can be used in real-life experiments with democracy, environment, globalization and governance.
  • To show how policies drive change

The commission focuses on several considerations such as participation, paper presentation and promoting community development programme and draws attention to the issues which deserve immense attention on part of the international community. 

Commission Conveners:

  • Sudhir Chander Hindwan, Chandigarh - India
  • Esteban Ramos, Autonomous University of Honduras