Peace Education Commission (PEC)

The Peace Education Commission (PEC) is a global group that focuses on education in multiple forms provided by contemporary schools, universities, and nongovernmental organizations. Members of the PEC examine and report about student and teacher identities, learning needs, applied theories, and experiences that contextualize practices of peace education, such as curriculum design, responsive instruction, educational administration, and learning outcomes that pertain to peace. Each region of the earth and humanity’s reach in space has its own challenges in making and building peace.

The foci of research the PEC conducts are broad due to the contextual nature of peace education in all regions. Common topics in presentations for the PEC have included contextual notions of peace, learning and teaching about harm-free conflict resolution and transformation, ecological sustainability, rights, social and economic justice, diversity and equity, peace her/history, restoration, as well as civic engagement.

The following web link lists several of the topics that the PEC members have presented in the biannual conferences of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), for other organizations, and in publications:

In addition to their presentations at the IPRA conferences, the PEC members collaborate in studies and publications. They also network for regional collaboration and comparative studies of peace education across contexts. The PEC founded and sponsors the Journal of Peace Education (JPE). Membership in the PEC includes a complimentary subscription to the Journal of Peace Education. To join the PEC and subscribe to the Journal of Peace Education, use the Membership page of the PEC’s website:   

The PEC objectives invites presenters to:

  1. Describe their recent research on educational content and practices that intend the advancement of peace, along with findings from their studies;
  2. Describe research that evidences the needs of children and adults for peace development which schools and other organizations may meet through researched forms of peace education;
  3. Describe and analyze multiple applications, in peace education or other peacebuilding, the seminal theories that one or more members of the PEC generated in the past 50 years. 

Commission Convener:  Olga Vorkunova, Russia