Human Security and Society Commission (HSS)

Security is the core value of human society since the very beginning of human civilization. Ensuring the security of its citizens is the core responsibility of sovereign states. The concept of human security came into discourse when UN Human Development Report incorporated the concept in 1994. In the last two and half decades, gradual progress in various aspects of human life has been witnessed.

 The whole world is apparently encircled by vulnerabilities and abundant threats of various forms of violence, including everyday violence in domestic spheres to civil strife, terrorism, food and energy crisis, environment degradation and climate change, epidemic and transferable diseases, religious and identity-based tensions at national and global level. Achieving sustainable development, peace and social justice is almost impossible addressing global vulnerabilities and risks associated to the security of individuals in the world. The responsibility and efficiency of nation-states to address the issues of insecurities through existing policies is a matter of serious academic and policy discussion. Human security complements the state security, strengthens human development and enhances human rights.

As an approach to national and international security, human security sets the priority to human beings and their complex social and economic interactions. HSS commission is a common platform for social scientists, theorists and practitioners to present and exchange their academic paper, research results and their personal experience associated with various aspects of society, human security society and sustainable development goals in line with theoretical and practical standpoints.

HSS Commission’s objective and aims are:

  • To create pragmatic debate on national and International coordinated responses to human insecurity amongst stakeholders i.e. communities and the civil society
  • Discuss Initiatives taken in terms of prevention of human rights abuse, humanitarian response and responsibility
  • To protect and present long-term sustainable development practiced at a national, regional and global level
  • To Highlight on prevailing human insecurities and provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussion on various measures and strategies of mitigating human insecurity
  • To Exchange the knowledge of human security in both global north and global south. 

Commission Conveners:

  1. Chiranjibi Bhandari, Tribhuvan University Nepal
  2. Yutaka Hayashi, Japan