Development, Political Economy and Sustainable Peace Commission (DPESP) 

The ‘Development, Political Economy and Sustainable Peace Commission DPESP’ was formed after a merger of IPRA’s commissions of ‘Global Political Economy’ and ‘Development and Peace’ during the 27th General Conference in Ahmedabad-India.

DPESP’s core purpose is to promote inter(multi)-disciplinary research and transnational academic debates on the interconnectedness of peace and development, international relations, global politics and policies and their influence on economic structures. The Commission assumes the key importance of promotion of positive peace that is only reached through the reduction of structural violence seen in the unequal structures of society at different levels (local, regional, national and global).

The objectives and aims of the DPESP Commission are guided by scientific discussions and invites scholarly and pragmatic research findings on:

  • Public security, which discusses the links between public policies, negative peace and challenges connected to criminality;
  • Trends in the global economy and processes to peace, in particular, the ones affecting directly the peace of societies like trade in conflict areas, the effects of finance and markets in peace and conflict;
  • Inclusive governance, including all groups when addressing peace issues and their roles in promoting a peaceful environment;
  • Public policies for peace, from local to global level, especially those related to Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions) of Agenda 2030;
  • Natural resources, food security, and rural development, a key topic for most of the regions of Global South;
  • Globalisation impact on peace, especially regarding the movement of populations and the effects of the global market economy in societies and people.

Commission Conveners:

  • Marcos Ferreira, Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
  • Christine Atieno, South-South Network - Africa