Youth and Peace Commission

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – Freetown, Sierra Leone,  27th November –1st December 2016

Theme of the Conference:  AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT:  Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster and Sustainable Development Debate

Youth and Peace Commission


The Youth and Peace Caucus was formed to bring to the fore the special concerns of children and young people. It receives papers from scholars doing work on youth and children — theoretical research as well as evaluative and/or empirical papers. Of particular interest are papers on:

  • Youth movement,
  • Generational perspectives on peace,
  • Unemployment,
  • Young peace leaders,
  • The Experiences of Young Refugees,
  • Youth Activism and Social Repair in a Divided Society,
  • Impact of Criminal Procedure Code on juveniles in detention,
  • and issues exceptionally profuse among the young (From Escaping War to Escaping Street Gangs, gang-wars, substance abuse, idealism vs. cynicism etc.), and other related topics.

In receiving and approving papers for presentation, the commission aspires as practicable and possible to maintain gender and regional balance.

Likewise, given the nature of the caucus, it also hopes to help invigorate IPRA by organizing youthful activities like cultural activities, regional solidarity events, and forums (or free exchange of ideas on critical issues affecting the young).


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