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International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – Freetown, Sierra Leone, 27th November –1st December 2016

Theme of the Conference:  AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT:  Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster and Sustainable Development Debate

 Peace Journalism Commission



 For the IPRA conference of 2016, the Peace Journalism Commission (PJC) seeks to build on its progress at previous conferences by working towards the wider applicability and implementation of Peace Journalism in both research and practice.

Papers from the PJC at the Leuven conference in 2008 appeared in an edited collection, Peace Journalism, War and Conflict Resolution, (co-edited by Richard Keeble, John Tulloch & Florian Zollmann), London: Peter Lang, which set out and elaborated on some of the key conceptual issues in Peace Journalism scholarship.

Papers from the PJC at Sydney, in 2010, appeared in a second edited collection, Expanding Peace Journalism: critical and comparative approaches (co-edited by Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Jake Lynch & Robert A Hackett) Sydney: Sydney University Press, drawing in new issues and new sites.

And selected papers from the PJC sessions in Tsu City, Japan, 2012 and Istanbul 2014 are about to be published in a special edition of a leading scholarly journal, Global Media and Communication, titled ‘Theoretical and Methodological Developments in Peace Journalism’, edited by Jake Lynch.

Among the articles in the latter is one by Stig-Arne Nohrstedt and Rune Ottosen, calling for “a joint approach [involving] universities, colleges, training institutes, NGOs such as Reporters sans Frontieres and the International Federation of Journalists” to establish ethical standards and norms for professional journalists reporting conflicts, with Peace Journalism as a basis, through journalism education.

Our challenge now is to make Peace Journalism fit for that purpose, both by focusing research efforts on issues in the feasibility and applicability of Peace Journalism precepts and methods, and by fostering collaborations of the kind envisioned by Nohrstedt and Ottosen.

Then Peace Journalism can play its part in sustainable development towards the realisation of peace with justice in a range of settings.


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