Peace Education Commission

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – Freetown, Sierra Leone, 27th November –1st December 2016

Theme of the Conference:  AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT:  Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster and Sustainable Development Debate

Peace Education Commission


As we usher in the next framework to govern global development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we welcome the inclusion of peace as a specific goal in this new vision. This is an opportune moment for peace educators and scholars to critically examine the role of education in sustainable development, peace and justice.  These are contested relationships. 

There are those who argue that education can be used as a tool for transformation, peace and social justice, and those who argue that systems of education merely reflect - rather than shape - the societies they serve.  Still worse, there are those who argue that education serves to perpetuate structural and cultural violence and inequality.  The truth, no doubt, lies in none of these extremes.


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