Peace Culture and Communication Commission

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – Freetown, Sierra Leone, 27th November –1st December 2016

Theme of the Conference:  AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT:  Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster and Sustainable Development Debate

Peace Culture and Communication Commission


The cultural and informational contexts within which questions of war and peace are decided have become increasingly important to research within the larger area of peace research. As such, the Peace Culture and Communication commission supports research and practice on the identification and development of cultures of peace: the positive experiences, challenges and problems encountered in processes of redefinition of conflict-based discourses; rehumanisation of former enemies; reframing narratives of intergroup relations, equity, and justice; identifying values that propel cultures of peace in societies; and roles of peace culture in conflict and post-conflict societies. The commission explores ways in which cultures of peace manifest through values, attitudes and modes of behavior that eschew violence and change the ways in which debates, conflict and violence is undertaken in the world. The commission strives to promote scholarship on how cultures of peace are effectively communicated ranging anywhere from analyses of specific traditional practices and local innovations to discussions of broader trends, such as those implied by the sweeping changes to culture and communications brought by 21st century technologies. Building on the works of early theorists of peace culture(s), such as Elise Boulding, David Adams and Robert Mueller, newer researchers in this field continue to explore ways in which we can simultaneously honour cultural diversity and promote values of peaceful coexistence within the emerging global culture, and to deepen our understanding of how culture and communication functions relative to the social processes of peace and war.



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