Media, Conflicts, Human Rights Commission

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) – Freetown, Sierra Leone,  27th November –1st December 2016

Theme of the Conference:  AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT:  Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster and Sustainable Development Debate

Media, Conflicts, and Human Rights Commission (MCHRC)


Media, Conflicts, and Human Rights Commission (MCHRC) intends to be the prominent ‘knowledge force’ that supports transforming media’s role in conflicts beyond the notion of objectivity to play a proactive role to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights, which is indispensable for building peace.

The MCHRC will take a critical evaluation, research and analysis of the traditional journalism in conflicts and provide unpretentious ideas, outlooks and information with the view to construct Martin Shaw’s(1996) call for ‘global society’ in which media to actively represent victims of violence and being part of ‘global voice’.

As Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (2012; 2) puts it ‘Journalists not only hold the power to inform the public, connect people in different parts of the world, but more importantly, have the moral responsibility to educate the public, increase awareness in its members of their rights and monitor, investigate and report all human rights violations’.

The MCHRC is mindful of this responsibility of journalists and expects to take a vigorous part in its assignment to assume this responsibility.

In this manner, the MCHRC expects to scale, reach and influence the politicians, diplomats, policy makers, academics, and organisations, media and journalists, and rightly respond to the emerging challenges and opportunities to achieve its vision. 

The MCHRC is wide eyed and wide awake of this responsibility and will strive to carry out it to the best of its ability.


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